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The first Cadiz was purchased in 1688 and used as a fireship

She was lost at the Battle of Barfleur in 1692

The 1944 ship named after the Battle of Cadiz 1810.


She was built at Fairfields Yard, Govan, on the 16th September 1944 .

In 1946 she was Deployed to Home Fleet 5th Destroyer Flotilla, namely Solebay, Gabbard, St James and St Kitts. With HMS Sluys she escorted HMS Vengeance to Norway and In 1948 she did a West Indies Cruise.

On the 9th January 1950 under Captain John F D Bush (later Admiral Sir John) she did a spring cruise to the Med. with Vengeance, Implacable, Victorious, Vanguard, Superb, Alamein, Gabbard, and  St James. She arrived at Gibraltar and the went on to Palmas Bay, Leghorn and Cagliari in Italy. Exercises continued in the Med until late March, then she departed from Gibralter back to the UK.

 On 20th October 1950 while with the 5th Flotilla at Setubal, Portugal for a goodwill visit, a car carrying 5 Officers plus the Naval Attaché Lisbon went off the jetty into 20 feet of water. In spite of efforts by the ships company going into the water, all were lost "A bad day"

 In September 1952 under Captain David G Clutterbuck (later Vice Admiral Sir David) she joined the fleet at Greenock with 8 NATO Navies and 10,000 planes, plus New Zealand Navy, in total 200 ships and 80,000 men, directed by Admiral Sir Patrick Brind. for Operation Mainbrace off Norway and Denmark, Weather report "Real Roughers"

In March 1953 a Carrier chaser (anyone name it) escorting the "Galeb" Yugoslavian ship taking President Tito first Head of State from a communist country to visit UK.Three pilots lwere ost during the Fly-Past. Chaser's sea boat sent to pick up any remains. Another "bad day."

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 On 15th June1953 Spithead Coronation Review. HMS Cadiz was front page picture on the Times supplement. Next,Coronation port Milford Haven where she was "paid off" to Reserve Fleet.

She was transferred to the PAKISTANI NAVY in 1957 and renamed the "KHAIBAR"

PNS KHAIBAR derives its name from a famous battle in 629 AD during which the seemingly impregnable fortress of KHAIBAR was overcome by Muslim forces led by HAZRAT ALI under the guidance of Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH).

PNS KHAIBAR is the third ship of Pakistan Navy to be so named and was commissioned in 1994. The first was an ex-Royal Navy Battle class destroyer. The second was a Brooke class destroyer obtained from the United States in 1989.


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